GeoOrganizer: Visualize critical business information in real-time.

Manage operational data with maps, charts, list and other visualizations. This dashboard can connect to ArcGIS Server and Esri’s ArcGIS Online services to show public or secured (password protected) data. The dashboard tools allow your users to choose a basemap, manage layers, search by address, filter data, view attached documents, and more. GeoDASH can be accessed from desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones; it adapts to any sized screen.

Owen Electric was looking for a tool that would satisfy all of our requirements of being simplistic, fast, require minimal training, eliminate paper processes all while being accepted by the Kentucky Public Service Commission as meeting our inspection requirements. GISbiz’s GeoOrganizer’s suite of tools was the exact tool for which we were looking.
Rusty Williams, Senior VP of Operations and Technology &, Owen Electric Cooperative, Kentucky

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