Field Inspection Management

GeoOrganizer: Automate fieldwork using mobile devices.

GeoOrganizer streamlines field services management, automating the workflow to resolve issues and making all of that information searchable and reportable through an easy to use GIS-based dashboard. Users of GeoOrganizer are saving time and money for their organization in the form of reduced trips to and from the field, improved communication leading to a reduction in errors in data, reduction in fines from regulatory bodies through easy to use reporting, and increased customer satisfaction from the quicker resolution of service related issues.

GeoOrganizer saves us a lot of time and money that was wasted trying to find things based on pole number and paper records.
Dennis Mabe, VP of Engineering & Operations, Randolph EMC, North Carolina
Finally we have a tool that incorporates GPS tracking, our own system maps and the inspection software my people need to get the job done. This was the winning combination we were looking for.
Rusty Williams, Senior VP of Operations and Technology; Randolph EMC, Owen Electric Cooperative, Kentucky
GeoFIT on iPhone and iPad

Fieldwork Documentation Made Easy

  • Report inspections and work orders on the map
  • Record the date and complete description
  • Attach photos
  • Notify others
  • Work offline
  • Sync your edits when Internet is available

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