Data Services

Our data services complete your maps and reports.

Data Modeling and Database Design

We can implement standard data models for your industry as well as custom data models.

Data Conversion Services
  • DEM and terrain generation (LiDAR)
  • DEM analysis (Spatial Analyst, TauDEM)
  • Geodatabase geometric networks (ArcHydro)
  • GIS flood plain generation (ArcObjects)
  • HEC-RAS to geodatabase import / export
  • Map book generation
  • Cartography / annotations (DFIRM maps)
  • Flood profiles
  • Paper maps to GIS maps for Gas/Electric/Water/Telecom utilities, tax parcels, right-of-way, roadways, water resources, parks, forests and other natural resources.

Batch geocoding and development of address locators for your streets and parcel data.

Data Entry

Digitization of paper records into electronic data.

Data Migration

Legacy electronic data to modern databases.

LIDAR Data Management

Development of usable data products such as DEM, DTM, and asset information database from LIDAR point cloud data.

Photogrammetry Data Editing

Ortho rectification, image enhancement and image analysis.

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